Benj Buck


Hi, I'm Benj Buck. I grew up in the midwest on a large livestock and grain farm. I spent a lot of my youth working with Dad to prevent erosion on the farm. Actually, Dad taught me a great deal. He assisted in the University of Kentucky's research on no-till farming to help prevent soil erosion. As Dad and I worked side-by-side, I learned the importance of protecting our watershed. As a matter of fact, at the age of 14, I gave a speech in FFA on the topic of watershed and from that point I was enamored by the topic, even learning soil judging in FFA.

I now raise my family near Greenville, SC. We attend Taylors First Baptist Church where I serve on the deacon board. Away from stormwater ponds, my family and I love our community and state and stay as active as possible. We occasionally make trips to Florida to see grandparents and enjoy the Gulf. Also, we frequently visit Indiana where we are still involved with the farm.

As Greenville county grew I noticed the obvious. Municipalities were going to have their hands full keeping our stormwater in check. Engineers, contractors and graders would do their part to put the correct structures in place; however, once construction is over erosion prevention and sediment control becomes the responsibility of the property owner, and too often the designated stormwater area becomes neglected as the property owner focuses on the business. Herein lies the opportunity for me to do what I love, in the community I love. I enjoy taking the headache of stormwater compliance, overseeing the area and creating sustainable plans for managing them. Contact me today if you have a project we might be able to help you with.

Industry involvement:

Water Environment Association of South Carolina
Certified Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspection
Post-Construction BMP Inspection